About Me

Daniel Shaw
Central Park, New York – 2017

A Quick Overview

Well, my name’s Daniel and I’m from Nottingham in the UK. I love to cook, travel and take photographs. I’m also obsessed with basketball – I have been since I was nine! Oh, and I want to eat all of the food in the world. Obviously.

Favourite Place I’ve been

Now this is a tough question to answer so I’m going to break it down. The photographer in me would have to say New York City, I’ve taken some of my best photographs there and even took a doors-off helicopter ride over Manhattan! However, the foodie in me would have to say Maiori – it’s a small fishing village along the Amalfi Coast (Italy) – the food was incredible, extremely fresh and the nicest pasta sauces I’ve ever tasted. And finally, to make things even more complicated the baller in me will never forget Atlanta, Georgia (USA) as that is where I got to see the greatest basketball player of my generation in LeBron James – he scored 43 points in three quarters and didn’t miss a shot in the first half. I can’t pick a favourite… It’s too difficult!

Maiori Beach, Italy – 2012

My Next Stop

Rome (Italy). I’ve always wanted to go to Rome so I can’t wait – I’m hoping it won’t be too busy in November either! If you have any tips about visiting Rome, let me know using the contact form below.

My Favourite Food

Now this is tough, there are so many great foods to choose from so I’ve decided I can’t pick just one. My favourite type of food is street food, it’s extremely versatile and every country has it’s own take on it from hot dogs in New York to Pad Thai in Thailand. Now, my favourite ingredient/centre piece of a dish is the chicken wing. It’s my favourite part of the chicken and works well with all cuisines; there ain’t no thang like a chicken wing!

Asian Chicken Wings!

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