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It’s nice to be back, I’m excited

So if you’re one of my many readers you’re probably wondering why my posts got less and less and eventually stopped just over a year ago. Well, university got in the way and I sort of lost the passion for the things I enjoy doing the most. So after completing my Higher Apprenticeship I switched jobs and moved back to Nottinghamshire.

I’ve also been pretty busy, I’ve been to Dubrovnik, New York and most recently Austria. I had my heartbroken and had to pick up the pieces and I’m now, sort of, a red wine drinker. But you’ll get to read all about that!

I decided to start my blog again because I really enjoyed writing it before. It helped me deal with the shit* that gets thrown at you on every day life. Although my blog wasn’t a self help thing, it’s generally been about food (travel coming soon) it still acts as an outlet to me and that’s why it’s back. That and it’s hella fun!


If you followed me before you will have noticed the site is now pretty different. I’ve revamped. You’ll notice I now have a gallery section and an updated about me page.



* For those that know me. You’re probably wondering if this is a typo, you’re probably thinking “Daniel doesn’t swear!”. You’re right I don’t, not unless I’m rapping along to a song or something. But I don’t mind writing them – yes, it’s weird and I don’t understand it either, but something’s don’t need to be understood – I’m learning that. 

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