Game Time Snack: GSW @ NOP

It’s the PLAYOFFS! Now only 16 team remain before one is crowned the 2015 NBA Champion. Tonight there are (potentially) two close out games as Golden State try to eliminate New Orleans and the Bucks battle Bulls.

The Golden State Warriors are based in Oakland, CA and are the closest NBA team to San Francisco. San Fran has a huge street food following and annually host a street food festival, knowing this I asked myself, what’s a better basketball snack than a burrito? I couldn’t answer it either. I’m having a pulled pork burrito, filled with chilli, rice and Red Leicester. I cooked the pork slow and low for 10 hours before shredding it into the chilli.

I spent a couple of days in New Orleans and absolutely loved it! The food was incredible and the atmosphere was electrifying, I really like the laid back attitude of the South. There were a number of dishes I could have made from gumbo to a muffuletta  or even a beignet. But I went with my favourite Louisiana dish; the Shrimp Po’ Boy. I simply tossed some prawns (shrimp) in some seasoned flour before quickly frying and stuffing them into a sub roll with a marie rose sauce and a simply leaf salad… Absolutely delicious!


Words cannot describe how much I want the Pelicans to steal a game from the Warriors, just for their psyche after giving up a 20 point fourth quarter lead in Game 3. I can’t wait to dive into my game time snacks and watch the battle commence.

What are your favourite sports and movie snacks? Let me know in the comments below.

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