Game Time Snack: LAL @ CLE

This is the first instalment of my game time snacks. This is inspired by Richard Ingraham, he does a Thursday Night Football food face off, a dish from each teams city is cooked and a favourite is chosen so I thought why not try this with the NBA?! I’m really excited about this.

Tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers host the Los Angeles Lakers, and my game time snacks are a Polish Boy and Lakers Popcorn. A Polish Boy is Clevelands sandwich, an authentic one packs a kielbasa (Polish sausage), coleslaw, BBQ sauce and fries into a sub roll. Some even add slow-cooked pork shoulder!! This was my first time attempting a Polish Boy, I’ll make a video recipe soon, it’s super tasty but I couldn’t find a kielbasa so I used a Bavarian themed sausage, coleslaw, sauce and fries in a HUGE ciabatta. It was full of flavour but with a few tweaks I think I can take it to the next level!

Lakers vs Cavs Polish Boy

The Lakers are arguably the most famous NBA team in the world and are known for their glitz and glamour being right next to Hollywood. That gave me the idea of making some Lakers style popcorn, I added a little food colouring to give me Purple and Gold popcorn (their team colours!). To make the popcorn purple I simply added some purple food colouring gel to the toffee coating I made (it worked a treat!), for the gold I bought some food spray and used that to ensure the salt stuck to the popped kernels. Another way to make the popcorn purple could have been to use beetroot, this would also have flavoured the popcorn and is something that I will try in the near future; I’ll keep you posted!

Lakers vs Cavs

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